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Baby diary: "Your first year"

Baby diary: "Your first year"

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Baby diary - your first year

Record the first years of your child's life forever with our high-quality baby diary. The sturdy hardcover fronts and high-quality paper inside ensure you can preserve every detail of your memories.

Features of the book:

Size: 148 x 210mm (A5)
Format: portrait format
Cover: Hardcover
Paper: 120g high quality print
Pages: 136 pages
✔ Ideal as a birth gift
Without decoration

To tick and fill in:

The diary is divided into sections to help you organize all of your child's important information and memories. There is space for photos, birth details, milestones, family events and much more. You will love this diary as you leaf through it and reminisce about the memories of your child's first years of life.

The special thing about our baby diary is that you have the opportunity to tick a lot of things before birth, month after month until the baby's first birthday, depending on the baby's development and progress.

For all text lovers who would like to write something themselves, there is also space for “special moments” and at least one page per month for a highlight photo.

The baby diary is also a perfect gift for parents who want to preserve their memories of their child's first years of life. Make yourself and your child happy and buy our high-quality baby diary now. You will not regret it!

More information about the book

Starting complementary foods and 10 recipes:

The special thing about this baby diary is that it was important for me to highlight the start of complementary feeding. I have an Instagram page called Bee Baby Food and have been posting what she likes to eat ever since our daughter started baby food.

Through my exchange with other parents, I have put together the 10 best recipes for you in the book from the 6th month onwards.

All recipes have been checked by dear Jenny from Breirezept , nutrition expert for families.

You can also look in the book to see which vegetables or fruits your baby can eat from how many months old and tick what they like to eat the most.

There is also a section for possible allergies to register. Helpful if you have a second child and want to know which foods the first child didn't tolerate well.

The recipes in the book are divided according to age or occasion:

5 porridge recipes: Vegetable porridge, sweet potato porridge with avocado, parsnip porridge, broccoli porridge and pea and carrot risotto with salmon (all porridge recipes can also be prepared vegan)

1 banana muffins

1 Quick birthday cake without sugar

1 vegetable pizza

2 sugar-free Christmas recipes: Vanilla croissants & coconut macaroons

Contents: The book is divided into 12 months + extra pages

Before birth, ultrasound photo, pregnancy photo, thoughts, name selection, etc.

day of birth


Swimming for the first time

Hand and footprints

daily routine

Size check


Sleep situations

Space per month for “special moments” and “souvenir photos”

Area for families & friends, as well as for wishes & photos

Starting with complementary foods + 10 suitable recipes

Family tree


The milk teeth (dental check list, symptoms and aids)

Birthday month

Extra pages: Other special moments such as getting used to daycare, friends, first vacation together and first Christmas

Important to know:
All content (e.g. milestones, developments, etc.) has been carefully researched, developed and checked. It is important to mention here that every child develops differently and the steps mentioned in the book are an average list of child development.
There is a possibility that the child's progress may not match the month. We assume no liability/warranty for the topicality, accuracy and completeness of the contents of the book, nor for any printing errors.

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