Languages ​​are the key to the world

We have made it our mission to develop high-quality learning playing cards for children in order to support children's multilingual growth . The foundations for learning a second language are laid at a very young age.
We rely on wood . Because a wooden toy is stable , timeless and beautiful , so you can have fun with it for generations.


Mama und Kind spielen mit Tierkarten

Learn languages ​​together

Our cards are ideal for learning their first words together or expanding your child's vocabulary. Numerous games and practice opportunities for language development encourage children to recognize the colorful motifs and interact with their parents.

Kind spielt mit Lernkarten

Fun to play

Our educational game cards not only train children's attention and concentration, but also stimulate imagination and fantasy in an entertaining way. This way the children can explore our wonderful world in a playful way.

  • Icon für niedliche Motive

    Cute motifs

    Our motifs are printed directly onto wood, without any intermediate material such as foil etc. It is important to us that the illustrations look cute, colorful, but also realistic.

  • Icon für glatte Oberflächen

    Naturally smooth surfaces

    All of our cards are sanded by hand, giving a natural and smooth surface that is comfortable on the skin.

  • Icon für abgerundete Ecken

    Rounded edges

    To prevent possible injuries, all corners of the learning and memo cards are finely rounded.

3-in-1 function of our flashcards

Our flashcards can be used in a variety of ways. They can be hung up as a garland and used decoratively for the children's room or birthday party. You can also bind the wooden cards as a book and take them with you on the go.

Kinder spielen mit Lernspielkarten als Girlande
Kind spielt mit Montessori Lernspielkarten
  • Icon für Din Norm

    Production in accordance with the DIN standard

    We only use wood that is harmless to health, so that our cards are free of harmful substances, saliva-proof and bite-resistant. Both the wood and the colors used meet all the requirements of the DIN standard E71 parts 1, 2 and 3.

  • Icon für kindergerechte Größe

    Child-friendly size

    Our flash cards have a size of 11x8 cm and memo cards 6x6 cm. Both variants have a thickness of approx. 4 mm. This makes them easier to hold and perfect for little hands.

  • Uhr Icon symbolisiert lange Lebensdauer

    Long lifetime

    By using high-quality and robust wood, we can ensure that our learning and memory cards can withstand several generations. Which toy can claim that these days? 😊

Bild von Ines und Thomas mit afrikanischen Kindern in Kenia

Together we can achieve more!

We donate €1 from every set of learning playing cards ordered to Intho.keniahilfe eV

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