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I'm Ela, the founder of Bee Baby. We live in Hamburg with my husband and our little daughter. My husband is from Turkey and I am Persian by birth. That’s why our daughter, who we call “Bee”, is growing up trilingual. The story of our educational playing cards began with an idea for Bee's first birthday and it became our heartfelt project.

Unfortunately, when we were looking for multilingual flashcards in 2020, we couldn't find them. Also, most of the cards on the market were made of thin paper/cardboard or had designs on them that weren't cute or kid-friendly enough for us. When she was just under a year old, Bee was putting everything in her mouth; she even managed to nibble on or tear books made of thick cardboard so that they were no longer usable

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This is how the idea of ​​Bee Baby learning playing cards came to life. We took on the challenge of developing the learning game cards ourselves that we as parents wanted for our daughter. The bilingual cards should be made of natural wood so that they are durable and can withstand stress. They should have rounded corners and a smooth surface so that the wood is pleasant to the skin and prevents possible injuries. In addition, the cards should of course have saliva-proof and child-friendly colors so that you don't have to worry if Bee puts the cards in his mouth.

My husband and I studied media technology and initially we didn't know much about wood. A short time later it became clear to us that our plan was not that easy. A number of manufacturers we contacted could not produce the cards the way we wanted them. The card size was too small for the machines, printing on wood was problematic, the thickness was too small... We were given many reasons. And if some manufacturers were able to produce the cards exactly as we wanted, then they were already priceless during production.

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But we didn't give up and continued to research and talk to some carpenters. After about a year, many adjustments and numerous sample products, we have finally reached our goal and can proudly present our first learning game cards to you. We continued to develop the cards right during the production phase and always came up with new ideas. The flashcards can now be wonderfully hung up as a garland in the children's room or bound as a book and taken with you everywhere.

We hope you have a lot of fun with our 3-in-1 wooden learning game cards.

Ela, Hasan & Bees

Mama und Tochter schauen sich Montessori Lernkarten aus Holz mit Tier Motiven an