Montessori wooden learning cards

Wooden learning playing cards to promote language skills

Our 3-in-1 flashcards consist of 12 cards and 24 cute motifs from the animal world.
They are made entirely from natural wood according to Montessori. The wooden toy allows parents and children to spend time together and playfully discover the world in two different languages. In addition to supporting the child's language skills, the...
Attention and concentration trained and their imagination encouraged

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  • Kind spielt mit Holzkarten


    Our card sets are ideal for learning their first words together with your child and familiarizing them with the world of languages.

  • Holzkarten als Girlande


    You can also use the wooden cards wonderfully as a garland
    Hang in the children's room or at a garden/birthday party. We also supply each set with a ribbon made of 100% cotton.

  • Lernspielkarten als Buch


    The learning game cards can also be bound as a book for on the go. This way they are not distributed everywhere and the children have them bundled up in their hands.

Lernkarten in Englisch

German-English 🇩🇪 🇬🇧

For example, with our "German-English" set you can playfully discover the world of animals with your child in German and English. Learn the names of animals together, imitate their sounds or talk about their habitats/food.

Questions like “where does a dolphin live?” or “what do bunnies like to eat?” encourage children to speak for themselves and expand their imagination.

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