Growing up multilingually will be child's play

Hello! Hello! Bonjour! Ciao! Hola!
In an increasingly global world, languages ​​play a crucial role. There are countless benefits that come from learning another language. Language learning is easiest for children. That's why we developed our bilingual learning cards to support children in their language development.

To the flashcards
  • Kind hält Lernkarten in der Hand


    Our card sets are ideal for learning their first words together with your child and familiarizing them with the world of languages.

  • Lernkarten als Girlande aufgehängt


    You can also use the wooden cards wonderfully as a garland
    Hang in the children's room or at a garden/birthday party. We also supply each set with a ribbon made of 100% cotton.

  • Lernkarten als Buch gebunden


    The learning game cards can also be bound as a book for on the go. This way they are not distributed everywhere and the children have them bundled up in their hands.

  • High quality wood

    A set consists of 12 cards, which are made from natural beech wood.

  • Rounded edges

    All corners of our flashcards are finely rounded. and the surfaces are of course smooth.

  • Proven Quality

    Our cards have been tested in the laboratory and are saliva-proof and bite-resistant.

  • Robust & durable

    Our cards have a very long lifespan and can even be used by multiple generations.

  • Montessori Holzspielzeug Karten