Use multilingualism as an advantage

Due to globalization, multilingualism is becoming more and more important every day. The essential foundations of language development are laid in the first years of a child's life. With the help of our learning or memo playing cards you can support development in a playful way and think about your child's future today.

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  • Kind spielt mit Holzkarten


    Our wooden cards are ideal for learning their first words with your child and familiarizing them with the world of languages. For example, learning animal names, imitating sounds or getting to know habitats.

  • Holzkarten als Girlande


    You can also use our playing cards wonderfully as a garland
    Hang in the children's room or at a garden/birthday party. This makes the cards an eye-catcher. We also supply each set with a ribbon made of 100% cotton.

  • Lernspielkarten als Buch


    Using the two holes in the top area of ​​the cards you can bind them as a "book". And take it with you everywhere! This means that the cards are not distributed everywhere and the children have them bundled up in their hands.

Memo playing cards in 2 variants: Safari & Farm

Our memo cards, like the Montessori learning cards, are made from high-quality beech wood and are available either with bilingual lettering of the motifs shown or in the classic version without language. Each set consists of 24 double-sided printed wooden cards (12 pairs) with cute farm or safari motifs.

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  • Kind hält Memorykarten aus Holz mit Bauernhof Motiven