Why the native language is so important

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The native language has a special meaning in our lives and is an important part of our identity and culture. It is not only a means of communication, but also an expression of our thoughts, feelings and values. In this blog article we will look at why your native language is so important and the benefits of mastering it.

One of the most important reasons why native language is so important is that it helps us understand and communicate. It is the tool with which we can share our thoughts and ideas with others and express ourselves. The native language is also an important part of our personality and our identity. It helps us to differentiate ourselves from other people and define ourselves as individuals.

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But why is it so important to know your native language? Here are some of the key benefits:

    • Better academic performance: Children who are proficient in their native language tend to have better academic performance than children who are not. They have better reading skills, better grammatical structure and better word processing.

    • Higher linguistic and cognitive development: Children who master their native language also tend to have higher linguistic and cognitive development than children who do not. They have a better understanding of language and a better ability to differentiate between different languages. They also have a better ability to express complex ideas and develop abstract thinking.

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  • Strengthening self-confidence and self-efficacy: Mastering the native language helps to strengthen children's self-confidence and self-efficacy. They feel more confident, self-assured and more confident in their abilities when they are able to express themselves in their native language.

  • Positive self-image: Mastering your native language also helps develop a positive self-image. Children who master their native language have a better opinion of themselves and their abilities and feel more valuable and accepted in their community.

  • Improve social skills: Mastering the native language also promotes children's social skills. They have a better ability to understand and communicate with others and are therefore better able to make friends and develop social relationships.

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Another important reason why native language is so important is that it gives us access to knowledge and culture. The native language is the key to understanding the works and ideas of authors, artists and thinkers from our culture. It is also the gateway to our traditions and customs and helps us to understand and appreciate our cultural origins.

Overall, there are many reasons why the native language is so important and why it is important to master it. It is the tool with which we can communicate and express ourselves and gives us access to knowledge and culture. It also helps us define our personality and identity and contributes to positive linguistic and cognitive development. It is therefore important that parents give their children the opportunity to master their native language and support them in their learning process.

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