7 advantages of multilingualism!

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According to UNESCO, more than half of the world's population is bilingual. When we look at the reasons for having more than one language, we come across many factors. But what advantages does bilingualism or multilingualism bring with it?

1. Communicate with more people
Multilingual people do not experience a language barrier when they visit a country in the world where another language is spoken. For example, if you study and learn Spanish, it will immediately help you access the culture or people when traveling to certain continents of the world without communication problems.

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    2. Understand the culture

    People who have the ability to express themselves in languages ​​other than their native language can understand the cultures of other peoples around the world. Language is part of culture. Your language represents your culture. Your critical thinking skills will improve when you are able to see the world through a different cultural lens. That is the power of language.

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    3. Keep your memory in shape
    The busier your brain is, the harder or more efficiently it works. An interesting benefit of learning another language is that it keeps your brain sharp and creates new visions and better approaches. In most cases, language learners can quickly switch between two tasks or cognitive functions. Studies and reports also suggest that speaking two languages ​​can reduce the likelihood of developing dementia, including Alzheimer's, which is common in some parts of the world. Plus, studies show that learning languages ​​improves your memory and can greatly slow age-related forgetfulness!

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    4. Progress in the workplace
    Nowadays, large companies and international organizations like to hire employees who speak or communicate in other languages ​​in addition to their native language. This is one of the advantages of being bilingual. Additional benefits are available to employees who can speak two or more languages ​​at work. Employers are looking for impressive CVs. Rest assured, multilingualism can play an important role in making your resume stand out and giving you an advantage in a competitive job market. In fact, learning other languages ​​is like discovering a second soul in your life.

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    5. Rational thinking
    Speaking another language allows you to make more rational decisions as an individual. Multilingual people have the ability to focus on information rather than their own feelings or beliefs. Bilingualism plays an important role in the development of rational thinking, especially for children.

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    6. New perspectives
    Speaking another language often brings a new perspective to life. Learning more than one language will help you understand life better. Speaking other languages ​​allows you to interact with different people and understand the nuances of other cultures. This can lead to more opportunities to make friends and explore different hobbies and lifestyles.

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    7. Slow effects of aging
    Being bilingual has lifelong benefits. A good example of this is cognitive flexibility, the ability to adapt to unknown or unexpected situations. It decreases over the course of life with increasing age. It has been shown that those who have the advantage of speaking a second language can easily prevent, or at least significantly delay, this decline.

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