7 game ideas with flash cards - Part II

With the help of our wooden learning cards you can get to know animals and vehicles and improve children's language skills in a playful way. To make learning even more attractive, today we'll show you 7 ways in which you can use our flashcards creatively.

1. Getting to know vehicles

Choose a flashcard and show it to your child. Ask which vehicle sees it. After the answer, it is best to repeat yourself what the respective vehicle is called.

Flashcards with vehicle motifs

2. Practice the translation

For our bilingual cards, the translations are always provided. Read it out loud to your child and have them repeat it.

Child plays with wooden Montessori toys

3. Imitate sounds

First try to say the name of a vehicle together, then imitate its sounds. "How does an ambulance do?" Or imitate the sound yourself first and let your child find it.

Wooden cards with vehicles depicted

4. Discover colors

Our flashcards full of colors that you can discover together. For example, ask your child what color the helicopter is.

Flashcards with vehicle motifs lie on the floor

5. Categorize

Our vehicle cards are divided into different categories. Such as aircraft or watercraft, usually recognizable through the backgrounds. Sort the cards according to these categories and let your child speak.

Child plays with wooden flashcards in children's room

6. Find couples

Before you start playing, you should first find pairs of toys for your child that match the vehicle cards shown. These do not necessarily have to match in color, it is sufficient if they are the same vehicle. Then you “link” the pairs together by placing the toys next to them or on the cards.

Mother and child are looking for pairs of toys for flash cards

7. Find vehicles

Next time you go for a walk or visit to the playground, please take our flashcards with you and watch the streets together. This way you can playfully look for the vehicles shown.

In the foreground a flashcard with a bicycle motif, in the background real bicycles

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