5 advantages of wooden toys: safe, robust, close to nature.

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Playing with a toy not only brings children joy, but also helps them learn about the outside world. The game process is very important in the development of a child's learning and cognitive skills . So which toy made from many different materials should be preferred? What are the different benefits of wooden toys?

1. Wooden toys are safe

A toy is in constant contact with the child. Children touch the toy, put it in their mouths. This can lead to health problems if the toy is not made from the right materials. Compared to other plastic toys that contain chemicals, the wooden toys are largely free of harmful substances. They do not cause health problems when put in the mouth by children playing. In addition, wooden toys do not contain any batteries or plastic parts and therefore do not pose any dangers such as choking.

2. Has a long service life

Wooden toys are not time-limited, they are timeless. They last much longer than other toys and don't break easily. This way, families do not incur additional costs by purchasing new toys. The wooden toys you buy for your child today are durable and sturdy enough to withstand multiple children and, if well cared for, you can even pass them on. Wooden toys that have been put away today and whose colors and designs may have changed over time will have the same classic feel and educational value when they come back into a child's hands. In comparison, many plastic toys are made from cheaper materials and their shelf life is shorter than that of a wooden toy.

3. Supports creativity

The wooden toy is less distracting. In other words, it's not full of features like sound, alarm, light, control, it's simple. The child focuses and controls the toy and not the other way around. His mind is open, he can imagine different scenarios about using the toy. Although sound toys are more likely to attract the child's attention, it can have a negative impact on the child's thought process and imagination. Wooden toys, on the other hand, appeal to your child's senses. The child feels the texture on the toy and smells the wood, creating a small connection with nature.

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4. It is environmentally friendly

Wooden toys are environmentally friendly toys. Since they are made from wood, they do not harm nature. It is easy to recycle because it is made from natural materials. As an organic, renewable material, a wooden toy is biodegradable . A wooden toy is more environmentally friendly if there are no toxic chemicals in the paint used on it or if no paint is used at all.

5. Contributes to child development

One of the most important areas in which wooden toys benefit children is motor development . Motor development is a movement-based area of ​​development that trains the child's large and small muscles. A wooden toy can exercise the child's fingers and small muscles in his hands, especially during games such as stacking, sorting or arranging wooden blocks. The toy can therefore have a positive effect on the development of basic motor skills and improve preschool children's abilities, such as: B. Increase better hold and controlled flexion of the wrist. The child, whose fine motor skills are developing, is ready to hold a pencil and write.

Wooden toys support coordination skills such as balancing, separating and putting together. In different sizes, shapes and colors, wooden toys have a positive effect on eye-hand coordination . A child trying to build a castle with wooden blocks needs to be extremely careful when stacking the blocks, one wrong move can destroy the entire castle. It also learns some basic terms such as “below, above, next to” in a playful way. Understand the harmony of shapes with three-dimensional wooden puzzles. All of this has a positive effect on hand-eye coordination.

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Aside from these benefits, wooden toys can also be used at any time as they appeal to children of all ages. Wooden toys are also ahead when it comes to cleaning. The antibacterial and easy-to-clean properties keep bacteria and germs away. And finally, wooden toys are beautiful. If you don't have a separate area for toys, put the wooden toys on a shelf and it will look nice. They have their own unique aesthetic. Some can look like a part of your living room decoration. Colored or not, it integrates into the environment.

Wooden toys may be a little more expensive than others, but they also have many advantages. In contrast to a toy that is only intended for one purpose, a wooden toy is usually versatile. As the child grows, he develops different games with the same toy. The functions of the wooden toy increase in proportion to the child's imagination, physical and mental abilities. When playing with his safe toy, the child communicates with him and they grow up together.

We at Bee Baby rely entirely on wood. Because we want to offer safe and durable toys that are both fun and promote the child's development. Please feel free to stop by our shop .

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